Matthew and Kelly Stafford

Matthew Stafford's Wife Gives Bizarre Apology To Backup QB After Viral Dating Story

The wife of Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford has offered an apology to her husband's ex-teammate after the teammate was caught up in a "storm" over her college dating life.

Kelly Stafford recently revealed "that she dated her quarterback husband's college back-up just to make him jealous, sparking a frenzy of speculation over the identity of the football player she was referring to," per The Daily Mail.

Stafford played college football at Georgia from 2006-08 and Kelly was a cheerleader. The former Bulldogs QB in question, though, appears to be Joe Cox, now Alabama coach.

"To this beautiful fam ... I am sorry for the media story that happened last week that made its way into your lives," Kelly, 35, wrote via Instagram on Tuesday, denying Cox was the backup quarterback she romanced to make Matthew, 36, jealous. "You had ZERO involvement in what I spoke about and, in fact, it was y'all's relationship in college that I looked up to and wanted for me and Matthew."

"You were the couple that everyone thinks Matthew and I was [and] y'all were the UGA QB and cheerleader that met and never let go," she added, sharing a pic of Cox, his wife and their three children. "I love y'all."

Oh boy.

At any rate, she said she felt the need to address the drama after Cox went viral as well.

"It was so comical the way things were twisted," Kelly wrote. "It was 16 years ago and if you asked both Matthew and I if we would change anything we did back then ... Nope. But we appreciate the laughs."

Per US Magazine:

"During Kelly's appearance on Kaitlyn Bristowe's 'Off the Vine' podcast earlier this month, she revealed that it wasn't 'cute' casually dating Matthew in college when she wanted to be in a monogamous relationship.

"I hated him. I loved him," Kelly recalled. "I dated the backup to piss him off, which worked. It upset him. It worked, thankfully."