Michael Irvin says to stop being "player haters" and recognize one of the most important players in the league


We're not exactly sure where former Dallas Cowboys great Michael Irvin's latest rant is coming from. It seems pretty widely accepted that rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott is a major reason for the team's success this season.

But the outspoken Hall of Fame wide receiver delivered some fiery comments on the NFL Network Saturday anyway that put to rest the thought that Elliott is simply a consequence of the league's top-rated offensive line.

"You cannot win in Dallas without Ezekiel Elliott," Irvin opined. "And I know everybody wants to talk about the offensive line, it's a great offensive line...Stop being player haters and hating on the young rookie. Because that same offensive line was there last year when they went 4-12 with the 9th ranked rush offense. The 9th ranked rush offense, you say that's pretty good, but it's not the difference maker. The 2nd ranked rush offense is the difference maker and that is given to you by that dude right there. Number 21. That's why he is the MVP."

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Livewire or not, Irvin's spot-on with that assessment. How anyone could possibly dispute Elliott's massive contributions is beyond us.