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Minnesota Vikings' Draft War Room Password Revealed, And It's As Easy As 1-2-3

In the event you wanted to log into the Internet for the Minnesota Vikings' NFL Draft war room, well, you're in luck. Best of all, you probably could've just guessed the password yourself.

As SB Nation noted, it's basically the same password "your parents used." And probably back in 2003.

The password? How about "Guest123." The only other thing they could have done that would've been more fitting is to add "lol" at the end.

"This comes to us from the team's video about picking J.J. McCarthy and Dallas Turner. You can freeze the video at 15:02 and double check, but yes — it's the same WiFi password that your parents used 10 years ago, but even they're wise enough know to have a little more security," wrote James Dator of SB Nation.

"Now, before you get all huffy and say 'this is common for a guest password,' please keep in mind that the footage is from INSIDE THE VIKINGS WAR ROOM. This isn't a public lobby or a meeting room, but one of the most closely-guarded areas during draft season."

Granted, the Vikings likely aren't too worried about people trying to log into their war room internet. Why would they? Whoever made any sort of suggestion would probably be at least as smart as they have been in recent seasons.

Minnesota Vikings, NFL Draft

(SB Nation/Screengrab)

Actually, that's a joke. The Vikings are doing just fine and believe they are back on the rise. Or so they say.

"It's not outside the realm of possibility to imagine someone cracking this basic-ass password and gaining access to all sorts of documents on the Vikings network," Dator wrote. "You know if this is their password then someone out there is keeping the big board in a shared folder."