New England Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski has become a legend in Boston, not only for his on-field production, but his off-the-field shenanigans as well.

Still, the beloved Patriot has had trouble staying on the field in recent years, so they’ve had to rely on players like Martellus Bennett, and now Dwayne Allen, to prepare for Life Without Gronk.

Perhaps that’s why ESPN’s Adam Schefter revealed Tuesday afternoon that Gronkowski had agreed to restructure his contract.

The details come from Schefter’s Facebook account below:

‪”Specific details on Rob Gronkowski’s new deal with Patriots, per @RosenhausSport”

‪”1st tier, which gets him to $10.75M either 90 percent play time or 80 catches or 1200 receiving yards or All Pro — and he’s made all pro four times.‬ ‪2nd tier to $8.75M: he has to get 80 percent play time or 70 catches or 1000 receiving yards or 12 Tds. 3rd tier takes him to $6.75M is 70 percent playtime, 60 receptions, 800 receiving yards or 10 TDs.‬”

This is a lot of performance- and health-based provisions included here. So, if Gronk can stay on the field and maintain his production, he stands to make a pretty penny next year, but if injuries take a toll once again, it’s going to hit him hard financially.

It should be interesting to see if this results in Gronkowski playing in more games in 2017 and/or producing at an even higher level.

New England Patriots’ star has reportedly restructured their contract in unique fashion Rob Carr/Getty Images

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