Jets' potential pick-six ruined as teammates crash into each other


The New York Jets didn't exactly enter the 2017 season with high expectations and almost immediately made the NFL blooper reel during their season opener against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Jets defensive back Juston Burris picked off a pass thrown by Buffalo quarterback Tyrod Taylor on third-and-goal and seemed to be off to the races. However, Bills center Eric Wood prevented the would-be pick-six by pancaking safety Marcus Maye into his teammate, forcing the tackle.

That's right, the Jets accidentally tackled each other on a would-be pick-six that stopped a red zone drive.

That's rough, especially for a team coming off a 5-11 record and last-place finish in the AFC East last season.


But it provides us with the perfect segway to perhaps the most infamous play in NFL history. That's right, the "Butt Fumble."

Everyone point and laugh at the Jets.