Colt McCoy throws the ball for the Cardinals.
Screenshot from Twitter

The Arizona Cardinals Already Look Like a Disaster Judging From This Play

The Cardinals could be a disaster this season judging from this very hilarious play at practice from quarterback Colt McCoy.

Let's face it, the Arizona Cardinals will likely be a disaster this season, and this video of their preseason practice certainly doesn't inspire any additional confidence.

Just...take a look:

Out of the shotgun, quarterback Colt McCoy signals to send a receiver in motion, gets in position to take the snap, notices something off with the offensive line it appears, and relays the message, the offensive lineman looks confused, and McCoy gets back in position, stops again for one last check, and guess how this play ends?

McCoy drops back, sends a pass downfield to wide receiver Zach Pascal, and instead of him catching it or getting intercepted, it bounces off the helmet of a defensive back.

Sorry, that was a lot of play-by-play, but when you type it out, it speaks to the madness that the Cardinals roster has to be.

Starting quarterback Kyler Murray is on the sidelines for most of the season; numerous players, including wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, left this offseason, and there's a new coaching staff.

Thankfully, the Cardinals own the draft rights to the Houston Texans first-round draft pick, so, who knows, maybe they'll end up with the No. 1 and No. 2 overall picks.

After looking at this video, we can confidently say they need it to turn this ship around.

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