NFL Players Association president takes brutal shot at Roger Goodell

UPDATE: Winston has apologized for his shot directed toward Goodell.

"In a casual conversation with a reporter about the success of the NFL and how nothing seems to get in its way, I inappropriately and flippantly made a remark about the job of Commissioner Goodell," Winston said in a statement passed along to PFT. "We often disagree on the issues but I want to apologize to Roger for being unprofessional. I am disappointed that my comment was taken out of context and inserted into a column without any knowledge that the conversation was 'on-the-record.' I am disappointed that this reporter chose to burn me, but this is an important lesson that I will learn going forward. This is my fault and again, I apologize."

It's pretty disappointing that Winston would throw Curran under the bus, especially if he didn't specifically say that his comment was off-the-record. Reporters have a job to do and a statement of that nature should be fully disclosed considering the power that Winston has. It's Winston's fault for not disclosing that Curran couldn't use the comment.


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell gave his state of the NFL press conference on Friday and the head of the players association was not impressed with it at all. NFLPA president Eric Winston took a really low blow to the head of the league.

"Hey, even the worst bartender at Spring Break does pretty well," Winston said, via Tom Curran of CSNNE. "Think about it, a 2-year-old could [be NFL Commissioner] and still make money."

Goodell was asked if he had any thoughts to resign or if he was concerned that he would be fired after all of the controversy the league had this season. He was also asked if he deserved a pay cut after the brutal year he had.

Of course those thoughts never crossed his mind. It's obvious there isn't much support for the commissioner, but as long as the league keeps racking in the dollars, will a change really be made? I doubt it.