Joe Burrow #9 of the Cincinnati Bengals reacts during the first half against the Tennessee Titans at Nissan Stadium., NFL
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

NFL Owners Reportedly Discussing Salary Cap For Quarterbacks

Are NFL quarterbacks making too much? Maybe, some NFL owners seem to think.

Per a report from Tom Pelissero of NFL Media, team owners have been discussing the idea of placing a cap on how much QBs can make. This is the result of an escalating market — for which, of course, owners are responsible.

Pelissero said on The Rich Eisen Show that "at some point you want quarterback numbers to not go over a certain percent of your salary cap."

So why not cap it out, perhaps following the NBA's lead?

"For reference, the Cincinnati Bengals' Joe Burrow earns an NFL-leading average of $55 million per year on the contract extension he signed in 2023, which means his deal alone is projected to account for an average of nearly 25% of the Bengals' entire salary cap per year, leaving the remaining 75% for the rest of the roster.' wrote Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports.

"Adopting 'an NBA model' might be one way to better regulate those percentages, as Pelissero noted. The NBA currently has 'max' and 'supermax' restrictions for free-agent and long-term contracts, limiting the number of players teams can sign to a certain dollar amount while capping the percentage of the salary cap for which maximum deals account."

That said, this is not an idea that's gaining great traction, Pelissero noted.

After all, again, it is the teams that are giving one player all this money in the first place. All the quarterbacks are doing is signing on the dotted line when an offer is made.