NJ Mayor Offers Jason Kelce And His Wife Free Dinner After They Dealt With An Angry Fan

Jason Kelce has recently retired from the NFL after playing center for 13 seasons on the Philadelphia Eagles, but he certainly hasn't stayed out of the news. While with his family on vacation in New Jersey over the holiday, Kelce and his wife Kylie were confronted by a not so nice fan, who was mad at the couple for not taking a picture with her.

On the video, the out of control fan was heard saying, "You will never be allowed in this town again."

Which actually was proven to be an empty threat, as the video went so viral that even the actual mayor of the town decided to step in and give an apology of what transpired within the city limits. The City of Margate's Mayor, Michael Collins, even offered the Kelce's a sit down dinner because of that lady they had to deal with.

The following statement was put out by the NJ mayor on social media:


After getting back from his Memorial Day weekend vacation, Kelce talked about his family trip to the Jersey Shore on his New Heights podcast with brother Travis Kelce. And with all the drama in mind, the former NFL player didn't mention anything about the incident, but he talked about having a good time with his wife and three daughters.
"We went to Sea Isle. We definitely went to Sea Isle. Went to the beach, had a lot of fun with the girls, ate a bunch of beach food," Jason said.
There is still no word on if Kelce and his family will accept the free dinner or not, but at nearly 300 pounds, he certainly doesn't look like he has ever passed up a free meal. That is to say, he may just take up mayor Collins on this offer, and maybe out of spite for the fan who claimed the Kelce family will never be allowed back in Margate, New Jersey.