One NFL great says Tom Brady has to do more to clear his name

Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly thinks New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady needs to "man up" and do more to clear his name.

"Tom Brady's name is being tarnished," the former Buffalo Bills quarterback told ESPN's First Take on Wednesday morning at Bills training camp. "I hope and pray that something comes out to show he didn't do it, the person to do that is Tom Brady's"

Kelly believes Brady is a huge asset to the NFL and that there is no way Rodger Goodell wanted to uphold Brady's suspension but if the NFL makes a request, you should just give it to them regardless of what your lawyers tell you.

"I don't care what they [lawyers] say.  If you don't have anything to hide then let it all out there, You do whatever you can to clear your name," Kelly said. "Especially when you are Tom Brady. If you have nothing to hide, [say], 'What do you need to see? If need you see my cellphone, here it is. Don't take it with you.'""

Full transcript of Tom Brady appeal

In upholding Brady's four-game suspension last month, commissioner Goodell wrote that Brady "destroyed" his cellphone that could have contained potential texts linking him to intentional deflation of footballs.

"[Brady] is in a situation right now, once you start to lie, you continue to lie, and it keeps backfiring. I don't know whether Tom is telling the truth, but if it is me [and] I have nothing to hide, [I would say], 'What do you need to see? What do you need to prove my innocence?'"