One of the NFL's all-time greats calls Tom Brady the best ever

After winning his fourth Super Bowl trophy, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady should be considered one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game.

But the one thing that separates him from San Francisco 49ers legend Joe Montana is the fact that Montana was flawless in Super Bowls. Montana's 49ers were 4-0 and he threw 11 TDs and zero interceptions. In comparison, Brady is 4-2 in the big game with 13 TDs and 4 INTs.

Those numbers are critical when talking about who should be considered the greatest of all-time, but to New York Jets legend Joe Namath, there's no competition. Brady is the best ever. Here's what he told TheMMQB:

"No one's ever been better," Namath told's Jenny Vrentas. "No one's ever been better than Tom Brady, I don't believe. And I go back to watching the guys earlier in some of the darker days, in the '50s. One of my first heroes was Otto Graham. Come on, 10 straight title games in Cleveland. He was just spectacular. Bobby Layne was a unique quarterback, really terrific.

"Getting into the modern era, Peyton Manning has had his wonderful performances. Don't tell me anybody is better than Aaron Rodgers, either. Better than, better than, better than. The best, the best, the best. To each his own. I have a hard time calling anybody in any sport 'the best' because of the changes in the game, certainly, and because of the greats that were ahead of them. But I will say, no one has ever played the game better than Tom Brady.

"You start looking at numbers, and sometimes statistics tell a story, and sometimes they don't tell the whole story. It's such a team game. But Tom has answered the bell. He has answered every challenge. He's great."

Personally, I don't think Brady is the best ever, yet. Montana is. But if he can carry the Patriots to another championship, then you have to say he is the best ever and not think twice about it.