Patriots players are fearful of Tom Brady's celebratory headbutts

There aren't many players who get as fired up as Tom Brady during games. Whether it's his fire-breathing potty mouth to some fans, or his headbutts to his teammates, Brady is one adrenaline-filled athlete.

But it's those headbutts that has his teammates on the lookout for No. 12 on the field.

"You've got to—got to—be prepared for his head-butts and high-fives, because they are coming...You've got to brace yourself. It doesn't look like much coming at you but it's intense. If he throws the ball 50 yards and you run 50 yards and score, he's going to run all 50 yards and head-butt the hell out of you," receiver Brian Tyms said to the Wall Street Journal.

The message is clear to Patriots players: Keep your eyes peeled for the barreling Brady coming toward you and prepare for impact. Brady's helmet will be crashing into you if you do something good.

"All of a sudden he's a foot away from you, head-butting you three times," said teammate Brandon LaFell. "I'm like, hey, man, calm down."


But the Pats don't mind too much about Brady's celebration, they're happy to see the quarterback fired up.

"The way he carried himself, I thought he was always so laid-back" said LaFell. "All of a sudden he's screaming, he's yelling, you have no idea what he's saying. It's an experience that catches you off-guard."


With the Patriots poised to make a deep playoff run, expect to see more of the headbutts and the cursing from one of the game's all-time greats.

(h/t Wall Street Journal)