Philadelphia newspaper has one of the worst Tim Tebow headlines you'll see

The Internet went up in flames Sunday night after the Philadelphia Eagles signed Tim Tebow. As of now, Tebow is the FOURTH-STRING quarterback and may not even make the roster, but none of that matters because it's Tim Tebow we're talking about.

Even though he won't be the starter, Tebow's signing was the biggest story in the NFL on Sunday, and as such, calls for a front page sports story in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Daily News decided to base its headline around Tebow's strong faith in Christianity, and it missed the mark. Here's what they went with:

Obviously the born again reference relates to Tebow's career being resurrected, but it's a bit tacky. He hasn't played in a regular-season game since 2012 when he was a member of the New York Jets, but Kelly is taking a flier on him because he loves to be innovative.

It remains to be seen if Tebow has fixed his throwing mechanics, which was his biggest flaw, but there's no doubt about it that all eyes will be on the fourth-string quarterback this offseason.