These NFL quarterbacks are heading into 2023 with massive contract extensions.
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NFL Executives Predict Quarterback Performances After Massive Extensions

With so many NFL quarterbacks making crazy money after offseason extensions, executives around the league predict which will shine in 2023.

Some of the game's brightest young NFL quarterbacks cashed in this offseason, as their teams continue building around them in hopes their investment one day leads to adding at least one Lombardi to their trophy case.

After the Philadelphia Eagles beat the market by signing Jalen Hurts to a five-year extension worth $255 million that includes $179 million guaranteed, fresh off Hurts' MVP Caliber 2022 campaign that ended in a Super Bowl berth, the Baltimore Ravens quickly followed suit upping the ante by inking 2019 MVP Lamar Jackson to a new five-year contract worth $260 million with $185 million guaranteed.

While Hurts has a Super Bowl appearance on his resumé and Jackson is well established as one of the sport's most electrifying stars, the Los Angeles Chargers are hoping 25-year-old Justin Herbert can slay the Patrick Mahomes-sized giant also residing in the AFC West and deliver multiple runs at the Super Bowl. That commitment was backed up by the Chargers making Herbert the highest-paid quarterback in the league by signing him to a five-year deal worth $262 million that includes a whopping $218 million guaranteed.

Even before Hurts, Jackson, and Herbert put pen to paper, the Giants signed Daniel Jones to a $160 million deal in the waning moments before he was set to become a free agent, and the Seahawks brought veteran Geno Smith back on a three-year contract worth $75 million.

"Justin's the guy I'd love to build around," an AFC South Scouting Director told FanBuzz. "He has the most talent, and he still has big time upside. Of all the quarterbacks who signed this offseason, he has the best chance to be a franchise quarterback. All the others need talent around them to have ultimate success."

The biggest winners of all, from this offseason's quarterback spending spree, might be Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow and Dolphins signal caller Tua Tagovailoa, who have yet to come to terms on their new contracts.

But, with Jackson, Hurts, Herbert, Jones, and Smith signed sealed and delivered, the question becomes which contract will work out best? Which young quarterback would teams prefer to build around, if they had their pick of the bunch? FanBuzz spoke to over a half dozen front office executives to get their thoughts.

Justin Herbert

Herbert might not hold the title of highest-paid quarterback for long, given the Brinks truck the Bengals might be about to park in Burrow's driveway, but, the Chargers' quarterback has plenty of support inside the league.

"Herbert's my choice from this group," an NFC South Executive told FanBuzz. "Especially with a coach who is so aggressive when it comes to offense, and with the young receivers they've put around him."

After being chosen by the Chargers No. 6 overall in the 2020 NFL Draft, Herbert has quickly ascended up the ranks of the game's top passers. Boasting a career 66.9 completion percentage while passing for 14,089 yards with 94 touchdowns to just 35 interceptions, Herbert was a popular selection among those surveyed.

"What I like about Herbert, and why he's my choice," an AFC East Personnel Director told FanBuzz. "Is the fact that he's the most universal fit across the league. He'd be a star for 32 teams. Those other quarterbacks all need modified schemes built around them to succeed."

With just one terribly disappointing trip to the Playoffs, the next step for Herbert, and the Chargers, is to prove the promise his accuracy, athleticism and leadership can deliver postseason success.

Daniel Jones

EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY - AUGUST 18: Daniel Jones #8 of the New York Giants in action against the Carolina Panthers during a pre-season football game at MetLife Stadium on August 18, 2023 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

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Jones parlayed his first run the NFL Playoffs and postseason victory into a significant commitment from the Giants, not to mention a regime that inherited him as their starting quarterback.

Setting new career highs by completing 67.2 percent of his passes for 3,205 yards while passing for 15 touchdowns and a career-low five interceptions, in his first season playing in head coach Brian Daboll and offensive coordinator Mike Kafka's system, Jones showed the Giants enough that they can build around him.

While the Giants can realistically get out of Jones' deal and move on in 2026, his strong play in 2022 made him plenty of fans across the NFL.

"Daniel Jones has what you look for," an NFC Front Office Executive told FanBuzz. "He's got size, he's accurate, and he's plenty athletic to make things happen."

The pressure to audition for a long-term commitment might be off Jones, but his new deal — and the Giants' major offseason additions including Darren Waller at tight end and speedy rookie receiver Jaylin Hyatt now put the onus on the 26-year-old to maximize those weapons and prove he still has plenty more upside to offer.

Lamar Jackson

The Ravens are now, officially and unequivocally all-in on Jackson.

Even before Baltimore and Jackson agreed to terms, the Ravens went out and signed former All-Pro and dynamic playmaker Odell Beckham Jr. before later selecting speedy wide receiver Zay Flowers in the first-round, rounding out the most electrifying receiving corps Jackson has had at his disposal as a professional.

Even though his time as the highest-paid quarterback was brief, sandwiched between Hurts' and Herbert's extensions, Jackson would be one veteran scout's choice to build around from this offseason's crop of fresh extensions.

"Give me Lamar every time," the scout told FanBuzz. "Especially now with a new offensive coordinator, and the weapons they've added on offense. It would be a lot of fun to build around a guy like Lamar with what they have in place now."

Baltimore took a winding road to ultimately arrive at Jackson's new deal, after first deploying the non-exclusive franchise tag. But, once the two struck and accord, went to work building around him.

Jackson's career 11.6 yards per carry average make him a nightmare for opposing defensive coordinators. But, the Ravens now  boast a scheme and the requisite weapons to facilitate the 26-year-old's continued evolution as a passer after completing 63.7 percent of his passes for 12,209 yards with 101 touchdowns to 38 interceptions through his first 70 games.

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