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Raiders Owner Mark Davis' 26-Year-Old GF Is Pregnant

At the end of the 2022-23 NFL season, Las Vegas Raiders/Aces owner Mark Davis was seen sitting next to a mystery blonde woman in the press box during a game vs. the LA Chargers, and ever since then, everyone has been questioning the identity of the elderly businessman's girlfriend.

Unsurprisingly, it didn't take long for the internet to find out, as the lady has since been recognized as 26-year-old Hayden Hopkins, a Las Vegas local, Cirque Du Soleil dance performer.

It's not hard to notice the notable age gap, as 69-year-old Davis is 43 years older than his apparent girlfriend. And now Davis might have transitioned from "sugar daddy" to actual daddy of Hopkins' first expected child, as the Ig model recently announced her pregnancy.

After a picture was posted of the two at the game on Instagram, someone had asked Hopkins about her relationship with the sports franchise owner.

In which she responded, "Haha MD [Mark Davis] is a legend! He's my neighbor/friend."

Now fast forward a year later, Hopkins posted a picture of her "baby bump" on the beach, and Davis is the front-runner candidate to be the father.

One of the top comments under the post read, "The Heir to The Raiders Throne."

Then many other fans chimed in with their remarks, about $$$ references, insinuating the beautiful 26-year-old may be a gold digger.

That is to say, actually almost all the comments were those making the outlandish claims that seemingly the young dancer/model, with over 200k Instagram followers, may be hanging out with Davis only for his money.


However, that is not fair to make that assumption, as she could be hanging out with Davis for his looks, charm, and personality, you never know.

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