Redskins fan buys the weirdest piece of memorabilia ever

It looks like Robert Griffin III has at least one Redskins supporter. After all the grief he has been given in the city, one Redskins fan showed Griffin III that he is a true supporter. Richard Bruno, a 26-year-old podiatry student at Temple University, won Griffin's cast that he wore after he dislocated his ankle in the 2014 season in an auction. The winning bid was $1,522.

Griffin put up the cast to raise money for his Family of 3 foundation. After winning the cast, Bruno made sure to let all of his Facebook friends know how special of a moment this was to him:

In an interview with the Washington Post, Bruno admitted that when Griffin dislocated his ankle, he dropped to the floor and sobbed in the fetal position. Obviously winning his cast was a huge deal to Bruno.

Given that Griffin wore the cast on his foot, it's most likely going to have a stench to it. Most people wouldn't want to be near a smelly cast, but Bruno is hoping that it has a stench.

"Probably," Bruno admitted. "The worse it smells, the happier I am, because that makes it more unique. Some people have RGIII game-worn jerseys, and they're stained or whatever. I might have his foot stink. That's special to me."