Redskins meltdown after RG3 TD overruled, Santana Moss gets ejected

After what looked like a Robert Griffin III rushing TD at the end of the first half, and one of the bright spots in the season, the refs overruled the call on the field to say Griffin fumbled the ball into the endzone for a touchback.

I highly disagree with the call. You can see RG3 lose the ball momentarily, bring the ball back in with complete control and then cross the plane of the endzone for a score. But referee Jeff Triplette thought otherwise.

Take a look for yourself:


Well, the Redskins didn't like the call and absolutely lost their minds. As the teams scattered to go back into the locker room, some Redskins decided to go after the refs. Multiple guys had to be restrained and Santana Moss was ejected for getting in the face of Triplette and arguing the call. Pierre Garcon needed to be restrained by the staff as well. Check out what happened below:


(GIFs via SB Nation)