Roger Goddell delivers a speech at the 2018 NFL Meetings.
B51/Mark Brown via Getty Images

Roger Goodell Takes Subtle Dig At Quality Of NFL Network Broadcasts

During a court testimony, commissioner Roger Goodell took a small jab at the NFL Network and the quality of its broadcasts of games, as relayed by Armando Salguero of Outkick.

"I had my own opinion that our production was below standards that the networks had set," Goodell said this week," via Salguero. "We had not met that standard."

Goodell was testifying in Federal Court on behalf of the league in a suit that involves Sunday Ticket subscribers. The NFL is the defendant against subscribers who contend it violated antitrust laws by making the package available only at exuberant costs.

"In this suit, the NFL maintains it has the right to sell Sunday Ticket under its antitrust exemption for broadcasting. The plaintiffs say that only covers over-the-air broadcasts and not pay TV," Salguero wrote. "If the NFL is found liable, a jury could award $7 billion in damages. Yes, big stakes. And amid those stakes, the NFL Network caught a stray from the stand."

Some will tell you that the quality of all NFL broadcasts has suffered in recent years, and not just those on the NFL Network. For some people, ESPN and NBC are even worse.

But CBS and Fox have indeed set the standard, many believe, including seemingly the commissioner.

The NFL Network did just recently make some changes, cutting several major names from its broadcast crew. The list includes former Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin.