Shannon Sharpe, NFL
AP Photo/Mark Duncan

Shannon Sharpe Says Tony Romo 'Robbing Fans' As Broadcaster

Former NFL tight end and current hot-take artist Shannon Sharpe is no fan of Tony Romo the NFL in-game analyst. Sharpe made that much clear during the latest episode of Nightcap with co-host Chad Johnson.

Sharpe, who is now aid to have outlandish opinions, disagreed with Johnson's kind take of Romo's work as a broadcaster.

"I like Tony Romo because Tony played the game at such a high level ... When plays are developing I love how he calls the play before it happens," Johnson said.

"I think a lot of guys can do that," Sharpe argued.

"You're robbing the fans listening at home of that opportunity. Now, some fans, they love that. They love, 'Oh, Tony says it's gonna be a run, Tony says it's gonna be a pass.' Well, hell, it can't be but one of the two. You can either run the ball or you can throw the ball. You ever come to the line and hear the defense, 'Watch the run! Watch the pass!' Well, damn, you got a 50/50 chance!"

Romo has worked with CBS since 2017. Fans actually do enjoy his penchant for calling plays before they happen.

Sharpe is correct — it can either be one of the two, a pass or a run. But Romo gets it right the majority of the time, which is a lot better than most NFL defensive coordinators. So there is some expertise there.

Nonetheless, not all is perfect in Romo's world. Per the New York Post:

"Romo has come under fire in recent seasons as many have felt the quality of broadcast with him and play-by-play man Jim Nantz has slipped.

"Fans have reacted to the slip in quality commentary from the two, as CBS executives had an intervention of sorts after the 2023 season, visiting Romo to discuss ways that he can better mesh with Nantz."