Shocking new report shows how much Aaron Hernandez wanted to die Boston Herald via Twitter

Aaron Hernandez jammed his cell door with cardboard and spread a large amount of soap on his cell floor to make it slippery, and then died what appears to be a grisly death, according to a new report obtained by CNN.

Hernandez jammed cardboard into the tracks of the cell door and used a sheet to obscure the view inside, the report said. When prison guards forced open the door, they found Hernandez with a bed sheet twisted around his neck, with discharge and vomit coming from his nose and mouth area.

Hernandez also had a “fresh cut” on his right middle finger, and there was blood on his other fingers. Earlier reports noted that Hernandez had scrawled on his prison wall in blood.

CNN obtained the report via a Freedom of Information Act request.

The CNN report noted that Hernandez had been disciplined a number of times for violations of various prison rules, including jamming the cell door and obscuring the inside of his cell with a sheet.

Hernandez, serving a life sentence for killing his friend Odin Lloyd in 2013, committed suicide in his jail cell just days after being acquitted of a double murder in Boston.


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