Skip Bayless calls out "immature" Dez Bryant for missing team meetings

Skip Bayless picks a fight with this Dallas Cowboy.

Skip Bayless seems to feed off of controversy these days.

The Fox Sports personality embroiled himself in another one Thursday when he lashed out at Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant.

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Bryant reportedly missed a few team meetings after suffering a knee injury against Chicago Sunday night, fearing that the injury was worse than initially suspected.

Bayless offered Bryant the opportunity to explain himself live on his Fox Sports 1 show, Skip and Shannon UndisputedMonday, but a Twitter exchange ensued that ended with Bayless being less than sympathetic.

Bryant never responded, but there could be a nice, little feud brewing here. And it would have been made oh so much better by a live phone conversation between the two.

Stay tuned, though. Bayless probably won't be done with this for a while. According to preliminary reports, Bryant could be out for at least three games with a hairline fracture to his tibial plateau, giving him plenty of time to give Bayless a call.