Someone caught an embarrassing photo of Tony Romo at Cowboys training camp


If there was a way to actually delete photos from the internet, Tony Romo would be first in line to try and take this one down.

The Cowboys started training camp on Saturday, and of course, Romo was there with the rest of the team. When running out onto the field, though, someone caught a photo of Romo, and let's just say he looks rather overweight in it.

Yeah, that looks more like Jared Lorenzen more than Tony Romo.

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As it turns out, it was just a very bad angle of Romo that made him look like he had gained 50 pounds in the offseason. Someone else grabbed a photo of the Cowboys quarterback from a different angle, and he looks normal.

Of course, the internet used its opportunity to get all the jokes in that it wanted. Of course, Romo has been the recipient of some jokes in his day, so we doubt that this will be the one that ends him.