Steve Smith and Boston radio personality nearly come to blows after Ravens loss to Patriots

Steve Smith is one of the biggest hotheads in the NFL, so when word got back to him that Boston radio personality Jermaine Wiggins, a former teammate of Smith's in Carolina, called him a "bully" and a "bad locker room guy," Smith exploded and confronted Wiggins.

According to CSN New England, Wiggins and Smith got into a verbal confrontation near the Ravens team bus. Smith approached Wiggins and confronted him about the comments he made about him. Here's the exchange:

"So [Smith] sees Wiggy and he's like, 'Yo, what's up?' [Wiggy] says, 'Hey, Steve, what's up?' [Smith] is like, 'No, dude, what the [bleep's] up?'

"Wiggy's like, 'Aw, now, now you're swearing in front of my kids.' "(Bertrand had said Wiggins was in the area with his wife and two sons.) "And he's like, 'You gotta step up.' And then it starts getting nasty.

"Steve's like, 'Man, you called me a bully. What's up with that? You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to [bleep] you, right now.'"

Once people saw that this wasn't a friendly exchange, several people — from Gillette Stadium security personnel to Patriots wide receiver Brandon LaFell — decided to step in and break up the fight. But that didn't stop the verbal attack from stopping.

"Chatham took [Smith] and said, 'Man, you gotta get on the bus now,' " continued Zolak. "And Steve Smith just kept yappin' and yappin' . . .

"Now, Wiggy's like Kevin Garnett, pointing at him over the top: 'I'll tell you what you are: You're the same thing you always been!'"

Bertrand later related: "So Wiggy's screaming: 'You won't do nothing! You won't do nothing! You're a bitch! You won't do nothing!' "

Eventually Smith got on the team bus without throwing any punches, but it sure seems like the Ravens receiver is always trying to start something. Earlier this season, Smith threatened to fight a Dolphins fan. He also called critical Ravens fans "fat, lazy, sorry couch quarterbacks."

It sure seems like Smith has a bit of an anger issue he needs to work on.