Hall of Fame QB reportedly "not interested" in replacing Jon Gruden on Monday Night Football


Jon Gruden's move to the Oakland Raiders has far-reaching implications in the NFL world. In addition to the questions about Gruden's readiness to transition into the modern game, his contract could reset the pay scale for the head coaching openings around the league and, in short, he is a very interesting figure that will receive quite a bit of attention whether the team wins or loses on a grand scale.

Beyond the league itself, though, Gruden's choice to leave ESPN also has ramifications and that comes with the network being forced to replace him in the Monday Night Football booth alongside Sean McDonough. While Gruden is not universally beloved in the role, he brought cache to the table that ESPN seemingly enjoyed and, as a result, the desire for a "big name" replacement could be real.

That desire brought current ESPN analyst and Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young to the mix, but it appears he won't be making the jump. The San Francisco Chronicle brings word that Young is "not interested" in the job and he told KNBR that he "cannot take a job where you disappear for four days a week for five months."

It doesn't necessarily come as a shock for Young to not display interest, as it would be a big lifestyle change. Beyond that, Young probably isn't in desperate need of the pay increase associated with the move and, while he might have been a strong fit, it isn't as if ESPN is losing the possibility of a transcendent broadcast experience. Now, we'll see who the other candidates are as ESPN readies itself for a new partnership.