Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans let it be known that they want the team to draft Jameis Winston

It's obvious at this point that the Tampa Bay Bucs will take a quarterback with the No. 1 overall pick, but what remains a mystery is who they will select. As of now, the team is thought to be a lock to select Florida State QB Jameis Winston.

During an exclusive Q&A for Buccaneers Stadium Club members, Winston appeared in a brief video clip. The crowd went crazy when he was showed on the screen. They let it be known loud and clear that they want Winston to be their quarterback, according to the Tampa Tribune.

Mariota was shown later on in the video and he only got mild applause from the crowd. When asked to assess the two quarterbacks, Bucs GM Jason Licht had nothing but praise for the two guys.

"They're both winners, they're both smart, they've both won a Heisman Trophy and they're both respected by their teammates and coaches. That's what's going to make it tough (to decide) — if we go that route," Licht said.

My opinion from the beginning has been that the Bucs would be stupid if they passed on Winston. He has all of the tools to be extremely successful in the league.