Taylor Swift and Jason Kelce.
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Travis Kelce Reveals Taylor Swift's Opinion on Brother Jason's Shirtless Tirade

Jason Kelce's first time meeting Taylor Swift involved a shirtless beer-filled moment. His brother, Travis Kelce, revealed her thoughts.

Jason Kelce has been the talk of the sports world ever since his series of shirtless antics at his brother Travis' playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills. Since pop music icon Taylor Swift was sharing the same suite as Jason — and, as you know by now, is also dating Travis — the masses have been dying to know what Taylor thought of Jason's actions. 

Now we have an answer. 

During their most recent episode of their "New Heights" podcast, the Kelce brothers went in-depth discussing Jason's actions at the game. The first person whose opinion they mentioned was Jason's wife, Kylie. 

"I'm not gonna lie, I gave Kylie a heads-up," Jason said. "The moment we got into the suite, I said, 'I'm taking my shirt off and I'm jumping out of that suite.' And she said, 'Jason, don't you dare.'"

Jason then brought Swift in to the conversation, saying, "And [Kylie] was already telling me to be on my best behavior because we were meeting Taylor." 

So now we know that Sunday's Chiefs-Bills game was the first time that Travis' older brother met Swift. Talk about making a good impression. Travis verified that seconds later when he said, "Well, Tay said she absolutely loved you, so it worked."

There we have it: Swift was a fan of Jason's buffoonery.

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised how Swift felt about Jason Kelce, because the Eagles center did mix in a wholesome moment in between his slightly drunken ones. He made a young Swift fan's dream come true by holding her and her sign in front of the suite, so the girl could say hi to the pop star. 

While none of the videos of this heart-warming moment showed Swift's reaction to the young fan and her sign, it's safe to assume that she found the whole affair endearing — just like the rest of us. 

Travis and his Chiefs team will be on the road again Sunday when they face the Baltimore Ravens for the AFC Championship Game. Considering that Jason appears to be leaning toward retirement and Swift has been attending most of Travis' games, we'll probably see them sharing a suite once again this weekend — which hopefully means they'll create some more iconic moments for us to savor. 

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