Ten-year-old robbed out of winning PS4 game by Cowboys staff because he's a Lions fan

This is really wrong and pretty ridiculous of a Dallas Cowboys MC and the mascot to do. Before the Lions and Cowboys game took place, 10-year-old Roman and his family went to Cowboys Stadium early to enjoy the pregame festivities.

So, the following event took place BEFORE the controversial non pass interference call, the missed holding call and Lions fans buying billboards condemning the referees. 


Roman was selected to play in a game of musical chairs. The winner was given a copy of Madden for the PS4. Roman won, except he wasn't given the Madden game. He was given a Batman DVD. Not even the Dark Knight or the Dark Knight Rises, but the first season of the original TV show! What 10-year-old wants to watch the original Batman from the mid-60s, honestly?

The 10-year-old wasn't given Madden because the Cowboys mascot saw he was wearing a Lions jersey. They played another round of musical chairs — and of course — it was rigged for the other kid, who was a Cowboys fan, to win.

After his family complained to the staff, the 10-year-old was given a Led Zeppelin CD as some sort of consolation. I am actually laughing because what 10-YEAR-OLD KID is going to be happy over receiving a LED ZEPPELIN CD!?!?!? Seriously, how ridiculous is this staff?

Roman ended up not getting the Madden game, but a radio station in his hometown of Amarillo, Texas has started a fundraising campaign for Roman so he can deservedly get some PS4 games and possibly some more Lions gear. I am not a Lions fan or Cowboys fan, for that matter, but this kid deserves some toys and gear that he actually likes and not some damn Led Zeppelin CD.

(h/t Deadspin)