Oakland is soon going to be losing its NFL franchise after many years of the Raiders intimidating opponents in the Bay Area, but that doesn’t mean the city will be without NFL football for long.

In fact, according to reports coming out of a recent meeting of theĀ Oakland Alameda County Coliseum Authority, there are two current NFL franchises that the city may be interested in going after once the Raiders leave town.

This is per Kimberly Veklerov of the San Francisco Chronicle:

John Breech of CBSSports shed more light on the situation, citing a news interview with the director of the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum Authority, Scott McKibben:

“During a more in-depth interview with WKRN-TV in Nashville, McKibben said that the Titans would only be targeted if controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk was forced to sell the team. The Titans have an odd ownership structure where no one person owns more than 33.3 percent of the team. Strunk and her sister, Susie Adams Smith, both own one-third of the team. However, Smith announced in August that she would be selling her portion of the Titans, which might be why McKibben believed there might be a sale down the road.”

The Titans are a nice organization, but the Jaguars, in particular, may be an interesting franchise for Oakland to target. Jacksonville has never really been much of a draw with fans, but that hasn’t hindered the organization from drafting well and building something worth watching — and that product on the field may be very attractive come 2020.

The Raiders will move to Las Vegas in 2020, and while that seems like forever away right now, Oakland is wise to start thinking ahead by potentially targeting the Jaguars or Titans.

Two NFL franchises named in possible relocation to Oakland as Raiders leave for Las Vegas Brian Bahr/Getty Images
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