Texans 1st round pick makes a ridiculous, one-handed backflip catch

The Houston Texans used their first round draft pick to take CB Kevin Johnson out of Wake Forest. Johnson was considered one of the top cover corners in the draft and is really athletic.

I mean REALLY athletic.


Yeah. That's a backflip catch with one hand. Johnson did this while training for the NFL Combine and said it was the first time he ever did it or even attempted it.

"That was the first [time] I ever tried it," Johnson told the Texans website. "We were messing around while training for the Combine and somebody was asking if any of us could do it and I was just trying it and we decided to video record it. They were kind of surprised I got it."

It appears that he's not going to be a corner that has trouble catching the ball. Also, don't try this on your own. You'll probably just end up hurting yourself.