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Report: J.J. Watt's "groin injury" was a lot more gruesome than we thought

This sounds like an incredibly painful injury.

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt left the Texans' final game of the 2015 season against the Kansas City Chiefs in the third quarter, with what was tabbed as a "groin injury." Now, nearly three full months later, it is being reported that Watt's injury was a lot worse — and seemingly much more painful — that just a groin injury. According to ESPN, by the end of Watt's season, he was playing with "five partially or fully torn muscles" in his core area, which required surgical repair on both sides of his body.

A source tells ESPN that some of these injuries were an ongoing problem for him throughout the season — Watt reportedly had partially torn left and right abdominal muscles, and in addition had a partially torn right adductor longus — a skeletal muscle located in the thigh. The report adds that Watt fully torn left adductor longus and a fully torn left adductor pectineus, which are two of the three muscles that connect the pelvic bone to the left thigh bone.

Some of these injuries happened early in the season, per ESPN's reporting.

Yikes. Although Watt has never missed a game during his NFL career due to injury, it sounds like he might have to take it easy if he sustains any injuries next season.

[H/T: Tania Ganguli/ESPN]