When you’re a losing organization, pretty much every decision at every level somehow gets botched. From the higher-ups to the rank and file and all the way down the line.

What the Cleveland Browns did in passing on Carson Wentz is indicative of that. And now that Wentz is turning out to be the real deal and the Browns coaching staff is reaping what it sowed, the truth surrounding how the team flubbed a draft pick that could have reversed its fortunes is coming out. And it ain’t pretty.

According to CBS Sports, team officials were split on Wentz. Browns chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta didn’t think Wentz could be an elite quarterback, while others, some of the more seasoned scouts and talent evaluators were high on him, calling him a better pro prospect than Jared Goff, who ultimately became the No. 1 overall pick. DePodesta made his preference for Goff well-known and may have even exerted his influence on new head coach Hugh Jackson and offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton, as both ultimately settled on Goff as their man.

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What happened next could be called strong-arming or just plain stupid. Just three weeks before the draft, the Browns fired six members of the organization, many of which were the same scouts and personnel that were touting Wentz. The team ended up bailing on drafting a quarterback after it was clear that Goff was off the table, and apparently thought RG3 would be the answer to the quarterback riddle that’s stumped them for decades.

Now that that’s fallen by the wayside, two games into the season and it’s almost a foregone conclusion already that the Browns will have another shot at drafting a top quarterback in next year’s draft.

Maybe they’ll finally get it right this time. Just don’t hold your breath.

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