The Cleveland Browns expect their joint practice with the Bills to get ugly, and it seems like they can't wait

The NFL may need to make one more reminder on the prohibition of fighting, but make this one specifically for Karlos Dansby. The Cleveland Browns linebacker asked what he expects from the Brows joint practices with the Buffalo Bills.

"Fireworks, man. Fireworks," Dansby said according to

Dansby isn't talking about a night-time light show, unfortunately. Dansby made it perfectly clear that if things come to fisticuffs, they come to fisticuffs.

"We've got a vision, but if that line gets crossed then we're going to cross it. Sometimes, it's unnecessary and sometimes you have to take it to that next level. If that line gets crossed, like I say, then it is what it is," Dansby said.

Cleveland left tackle Joe Thomas had a very interesting take on why fighting is basically inevitable, even in practices.

"I'd be shocked if there weren't more than a few fights," Thomas said according to "Guys in training camps fight their own teammates. It's really competitive and tempers get roaring. The temperature is hot and your job is on the line. People are always pushing that line in practice. When it's another team, it's another level."

That definitely makes sense. A bunch of amped-up athletes fighting to provide for their families is on the right side of "I can be okay with that." Thing is, where do those lines get blurred for those same athletes when the wrong move can leave you without a job?

Competition is one thing. Carelessness is another.