Screenshot from YouTube: Chad McGhee

Toothless Cowboys Fan Gives Pep Talk to "America's Team"

Truly inspirational.

According to an overzealous Dallas Cowboys fan named Chad McGhee, there are absolutely no excuses for America's Team not to go all the way this year. This guy claims they have a quality quarterback, and they finally having their coaching situation figured out.

"The next time you're on that field, at home or wherever it is, you DOMINATE, ANNIHILATE, ASSASSINATE THEM ALL. And you stomp a mud hole in 'em, and you make sure they know that when they get on that field, they're facing the heart and the beat of America."

— This Guy

If this doesn't pump up the Cowboys and their fans, I don't know what will.

This article was originally published September 15, 2015, but somehow, the Cowboys still need this fiery motivation to get over the hump.

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