Mary-Kate Wichalonis, Tennessee Titans, NFL
(Mary-Kate Wichalonis/Instagram)

Titans Sales Exec, An Instagram Model, Arrested At Bar In Nashville

Instagram model Mary-Kate Wichalonis just recently started her position as an inside sales executive with the Tennessee Titans. She may now have to stick to modeling.

As relayed by Joe Kinsey of Outkick: "According to a police report obtained by Scoop Nashville, Wichalonis was arrested on a public intoxication and assault charge after the incident at the Dierks Bentley-branded bar. Security at the bar tells the Metro Nashville Police Department that Mary-Kate tried to sneak her boyfriend into the bar and became combative when security tried to remove her from the property."

Oh boy. Way to go Mary-Kate.

But it gets worse. The report states that she pummeled the security guard prior to her arrest, hitting the fellow six times in the head. That, folks, is what's known as less than ideal.

"When police asked the University of Georgia grad, who was a member of Tri-Delta, about the incident, she admitted to attempting to sneak her boyfriend into the bar because he'd lost his ID, according to the report obtained by Scoop," Kinsey wrote.

But hey, there's no such thing as bad publicity. So yeah, the Titans may very well decide to keep her on the job. Heck, maybe they will give her a promotion.

"This might actually be really good for Mary-Kate and the Titans. She's going to go viral. The New York Post will write about her. The Daily Mail will do a post," Kinsey opined. "The rest of the Euro tabloids will jump on the Mary-Kate is a bad girl bandwagon and she's going to get some run. Her name is going to be gold around Nashville."

Yep. And all it took was some obnoxious behavior from a model.