Tom Brady Admits His One Regret Throughout Legendary NFL Career

Tom Brady is one of the most well-accomplished players in NFL history, winning seven Super Bowls over a 23-year career. With that being said, the 46-year-old does admit that he has one single regret from his playing days in New England and Tampa Bay.

While on the Pivot podcast, Brady touched on the fact that he took a serious approach to the game of football.

"When I see these young players, I see like Patrick [Mahomes] out there at quarterback, running around, laughing, having fun," Brady said. "I'm like, 'I used to be like that. What the h*** happened?'''

"I just got too serious, but, again, I can only look back and think, 'Okay, if I do it again,' which I'll never do it again, it would be different. But the reality is, you can't."

Having one of the most storied careers for a quarterback to ever play the game, it's hard to imagine that Brady would want to do anything differently.

Brady was often known for his fiery personality, leading his team to the playoffs all but one year (2002).

So many may cite, that by taking the day-to-day operations of football seriously, it helped lead to greatness. Brady embodied the characteristics of a football player, setting the example as a leader, with hard work, dedication, and discipline.

However, considering that football is just a game after all, Brady wishes he could have had more fun. Yet, he also notes that it is a life lesson learned, in which he will carry with him during his next chapter.

"So you learn from it. Now, next phase of life, enjoy it a little more," Brady stated.

Over the course of his time in the NFL, Brady holds multiple records, as he is the all-time passing leader (89,214 yards), has the most passing touchdowns (649), and most Super Bowl victories (7), including being one of only two quarterbacks (Peyton Manning) to win it on two different teams (Patriots and Buccaneers).

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