Travis Kelce, NFL, Kansas City Chiefs
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Travis Kelce: Super Bowl Ring Error Makes It Even Cooler

Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce isn't bothered that there's an error in his Super Bowl ring.

"I don't give a s—-," Kelce said, responding to brother Jason, who pointed out the mistake on the latest New Heights podcast.

So, what's the problem? Well, it is indeed minor. On the inside of the ring, the Chiefs' playoff opponents and scores are listed as a way to retrace their road to the Super Bowl. Included on the list of Kansas City victims are the Miami Dolphins. The ring has them listed as the No. 7 seed. They were actually No. 6.

Travis c0ntinued.

'No, I like it that we didn't give a f—- about what seed Miami is," he said. "They were the seventh. Who cares? They could've done no seeds on the side of them. I would've been fine."

Kelce has won three Super Bowls and has been dating pop icon Taylor Swift for some time now. So it's not surprising he doesn't care about a championship ring. What an astute observation by his older brother, though.

"Like oh yeah, we made it really detailed, and oops we screwed up. Just makes it more exclusive," Travis said. "We screwed up about something that means nothing."


The Chiefs made more than 400 rings to distribute for this championship, their second straight and third in the past five years. Each one contains 529 diamonds, 38 rubies and 14.8 carats' worth of gems, according to the ring's maker, Jostens.

Among the features: a display celebrating 'Tom & Jerry' the Chiefs' name for the play on which they scored the touchdown in overtime that allowed them to beat the San Francisco 49ers 25-22. The play, on which quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw a 3-yard scoring pass to Mecole Hardman, is diagrammed on the ring in coach Andy Reid's writing."