Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce may be dating.
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Jason Kelce Gives Update on Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift Dating Rumors

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce confirmed that his brother Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are officially dating.

As it turns out, we're not out of the woods yet when it comes to the rumblings about a relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Amidst one of the most intriguing NFL dating rumor mills in recent memory, Travis's brother Jason confirmed the rumors by stating that they are "100% true" in an interview with the WIP Morning Show.

The pair evidently have been spending their midnights together, as Jason dropped a bombshell that can't be ignored, verifying that a romance between the country to pop crossover icon and the man in Kansas City red has begun. It started with the ambiguous report that the pair have been "quietly hanging out," but now we know almost for sure that Kelce rode in as the knight in shining armor on his white horse following Taylor's breakup with Matty Healy, and seems to be her newest lover.

After the international music superstar, known for subtle hints and "Easter eggs," was spotted in public wearing a necklace featuring the legendary tight end's birthstone, the rumor was already a step closer to being a fact; now all that's left is a direct statement from Travis or Taylor, or maybe for the pair to be seen together in public. NFL fans know all too well that Kelce is the man on the gridiron, but even for him, the relationship seems to have come relatively out of left field.

Multiple voices across the World of sports have already weighed in on the relationship before it became confirmed, with Rob Gronkowski referring to the pair as potentially the "number one Ken and Barbie in the NFL," and even Stephen A Smith expressing his approval. Pat McAfee wisely warned Travis to treat her well, as he is representing the entire football community, and any misdeeds could easily be converted into a platinum hit.

While hearing about Swift's dating life is nothing new, as she will forever and always be in the public eye, athletes have never been her type. But as Kelce and the Chiefs, who have won two Super Bowls and lost another in the past four seasons, attempt to become the last great American dynasty on the field, he's making some waves off of it, and officially breaking into a new corner of pop culture. Hopefully, the love story is a lasting one, and we'll be seeing more of this iconic power couple very soon.

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