FOX's NFL broadcast got a little NSFW thanks to Jay Cutler and a hot mic

You can't say that on television!

There are times where I never understand why the camera is zooming in on a clearly upset athlete on the field. This one easily qualifies.

After a delay of game penalty in fourth quarter against the Saints, Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler clearly lets out a "Are you f**king kidding me?" on live television as FOX and microphones got a little too close to the upset Cutler.

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I don't know if these networks ever incur FCC fines for these kind of things, but is it really that hard to mute the mics in that situation? No one really needed to hear that he was upset; you can get the general idea from his body language.

The penalty obviously didn't help the Dolphins, who were moved back five yards. To make matters worse, they were down 13-0 at the time and almost immediately gave the ball back to Drew Brees and the Saints.