Was the shot on Tony Romo dirty, as some Cowboys fans are calling it?

Was it dirty or is Romo just too injury-prone?

It took just three plays but Tony Romo was in midseason form Thursday night, as a seemingly clean hit caused Romo to writhe on the field in agony.

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Romo played in just four games in 2015, sidelined by two collarbone injuries. Having Romo avoid injuries is the top priority for the Cowboys but giving him preseason reps is just as important. Cowboys fans felt Cliff Avril's hit on Romo was uncalled for and "dirty" because of the nature of a preseason game.

Could Avril have pulled up a little, seeing as how Romo was going into a sliding position? Sure. But was his hit dirty? That's a bit of a stretch considering he tried to strip the ball and made contact prior to Romo actually sliding.

Avril didn't seem to think the hit was dirty and even seemed concerned about Romo's health.

Even Romo isn't one to point the finger at Avril being a "dirty" player.

"You can't put people in bubble wrap," Romo said, according to CBS Sports. "You've got to play. It's football. You're going to get hit and things happen."

[h/t CBS Sports]