What these scouts did to these NFL draft prospects is just wrong

For most college football players, the dream is to one day provide for your family and play in the NFL. Some players from various small colleges may not have the opportunity to do so because their pro day workouts at Jackson State were cut short.

According to The Clarion Ledger, around 13 scouts from the NFL and CFL called the pro day early for prospects that did not run faster than a 4.5 40-yard dash. It was the first event of the day and the last event of the day for every single prospect except one. West Alabama WR Stephanio McNair was the only player to make the qualifying time.

"They were cutting people after the 40, so I guess if your time wasn't perfect, they were cutting you," former Jackson State wide receiver Tobias Singleton said.

That's extremely messed up for these players who have dreams on making it in the NFL or even CFL. I understand that time is valuable to these scouts, but why do they need to run faster than a 4.5 40? There are loads of players at the NFL combine that did not run a 4.5. There were only four running backs that ran faster than that "golden" time at the combine. By these scouts' logic, Wisconsin's Melvin Gordon would have been cut because he ran a 4.53, and he's arguably the best RB in the draft.

Also, being fast does not translate into being a great player. Actually, 40 times really do not mean a damn thing.

"Just one drill, maybe I could've understood they'd give us two or three more drills," Jackson State linebacker Ariane McCree said. "But one drill, it's just — there are a lot of guys out there who can run fast but they can't jump. ... You can't just eliminate one guy who doesn't do one thing right."

I hope these players get another chance to show off ALL of their skills in front of scouts.