While the Seahawks linked arms, Arian Foster and the Dolphins knelt during the national anthem

Foster has supported Kaepernick publicly before.

Before the start of the Seahawks-Dolphins game Sunday afternoon, players from both sides unveiled some form of protest, standing in solidarity with 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

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While the entire Seahawks team linked arms, as a way of standing together as one, four Dolphins players, led by running back Arian Foster, knelt during the National Anthem.

Foster has shown support for Kaepernick in the past, saying that he understands what Kaepernick is feeling and why he protests.

"He's frustrated, just like me," Foster said, according to the Miami Herald."He's just like my brother. He's just like my cousins out there. He's frustrated. It's hard seeing people get murdered and killed without repercussions."

The Dolphins released a statement shortly after the players took their knee.

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