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Who Is Bill Belichick's GF? Name, Occupation Revealed Of Girl 48 Years Younger Than Legendary NFL Coach

Bill Belichick, 72, is rumored to be dating Jordon Hudson, 24, as the two met back in 2021. With this in mind, many are curious how the new lover of the former Patriots head coach started a romantic relationship with a guy who is old enough to be her grandpa.

Belichick and Hudson had their first encounter with one another on an airplane a few years back, and they started talking after the coach showed interest in her philosophy homework. In view of this, they got each other's numbers and stayed in contact as friends before evidently dating.

Hudson is a former college cheerleader, who won a national championship while as a student-athlete at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts.

So now it all makes sense why Belichick was seen attending a cheerleading competition earlier this year, instead of being present at the NFL Combine. That is to say, the former Patriots head coach must be truly in love, to find someone that is able to take his mind away from football.


As seen through pictures on Instagram, the couple reportedly went on vacation to Croatia earlier this year, while Hudson was also spotted in attendance at Gillette Stadium watching multiple Patriots games the past two seasons, silently supporting her NFL head coach boyfriend. More recently, Hudson was at Tom Brady's Patriots Hall of Fame induction ceremony, where Belichick received a standing ovation and loud cheers from the crowd as he went on stage.

Furthermore, in addition to cheerleading, Hudson also competed in the 2024 Miss Maine pageant show, and finished runner-up behind Anne Baldridge.

According to Hudson's LinkedIn page, she completed her cosmetology professional licensure, and is an entrepreneur and executive director at Trouble Club Enterprises.

Considering that she just recently graduated college, many find it a little strange that Hudson is dating a man almost 50 years older than her. As in the words of Kanye West, "Now I ain't sayin' she's a gold digger, but she ain't messin' with no broke ..." Just to point out, Belichick has an estimated net worth of $70 million.

Looking back on it, Rob Gronkowski apparently let the cat out of the bag last month about his former head coach's new relationship, while making a joke on the Netflix comedy special, "The Roast of Tom Brady."

"Coach, you used to talk about Foxborough High School when we sucked," Gronkowski said at the roast. "But now I know why you were so obsessed with Foxborough High School: you were scouting your new girlfriend."