Young Packers fan cries uncontrollably after loss, but what he really gets upset about will make you laugh

This 6-year-old Packers fan just experienced his first heartbreaking loss as a sports fan. We've all been in his position before — just feeling devastated and extremely upset over a sporting event. My moment was back in 2004 when the Red Sox came back down 3-0 and beat my Yankees in the ALCS. Seeing them win the World Series a couple of weeks later just teared me apart.

Seeing the Packers collapse and choke in the NFC Championship, just tore this little guy up. His mom films him and tries to keep him positive through the loss, but he doesn't want to hear it. He doesn't care that Green Bay has next season to try and get to the Super Bowl because a year is such a long ways away.

But he gets super upset when Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett parades around CenturyLink Field on a police officer's bicycle. How dare Bennett have the nerve to throw the victory in this kid's face!

Let's hope the Packers see this video and hook up the little kid with some gear.

(h/t Deadspin)