Andre Deveaux's barbaric slash is easily the dirtiest hockey play of the year

Hockey is a beautiful game played by humans that don't always do it justice.  From time to time a player will lose his mind and deliver such a dirty play that it makes you sick with disgust.  We're not talking about a late hit, boarding, butt-ending, or a sucker punch. Those types of plays at least typically come in the heat of the game, they might happen as a result of player not being able to think through his actions because they are so worked up by the competition around them.

No we are talking about the type of premeditated action that Andre Deveaux performed last Thursday. Video of a barbaric pregame slash has surfaced showing Deveaux, the former Maple Leaf and Ranger, attacking an opponent during pregame warmups. Deveaux now plays for Rogle, a second division team in Sweden's Hockeyallsvenskan. Rogle was in a playoff series against Vasteras to determine which team would get promoted to the Swedish Hockey League.

Apparently upset over a hit that occurred in a previous game, Deveaux decided to go after Vasteras defenseman Per Helmersson:

Such an ugly display that few can compare to on a hockey rink.  Even in such a short clip you can see Deveaux hyping himself up to go through with the attack.  Worse was that no action was taken afterwards. He not only played in the game, but he played in the series finale on Sunday.  Seriously? Apparently the video didn't surface until after, but how does no one see that happen live and react to it?

Helmersson had this to say afterwards via Sportbladet:

"Embarrassing, so f——— embarrassed that he played today. He should [be] shutdown [for] the rest of the season and next season as well. He should be locked up."

"I'm sorry if it sounds horrible, but I do not care [if] their team likes me. Obviously, there is reaction from people when they lose," Deveaux responded as Rogle won the final two games to clinch promotion."

You know what else makes this play the dirtiest of the year? Deveaux talking about if he regretted his actions:

"No. [Helmersson] played on. He was fine. I'll think about him while I celebrate with the team." 

What a guy, dare we say sportsman of the year.  Now that video has surfaced the Swedish league intends to follow up with action.  Just a little late, Roble and Deveaux won the playoff series Sunday.