Brad Marchand's dirty slew-foot gets the attention of the NHL

The slew-foot is one of the more dangerous plays in hockey.  When committed it leaves the victimized player vulnerable and unable to defend himself .  It is also considered to be a disrespectful play because of the cheap shot nature of the play. Wednesday night it was the Bruins' Brad Marchand who slew-foot the Rangers' Derick Brassard into the boards during the second period, but no penalty was called.

It was a dangerous play and luckily Brassard wasn't injured. After the game Brassard expressed that he felt it was for sure a slew-foot and a dirty play. Marchand should expect a suspension and maybe a lengthy one.  This is not the first time he has come under scruntiy for a slew-foot and a previous case of his is actually in the NHL instructional video on the topic. Boston (24-15-6) beat the Rangers (24-13-4), 3-0.

Expect a suspension.