Byfuglien delivers huge hit, Makes fun of Hamilton's attempt at revenge

Dustin Byfuglien does many things very well on the ice and one of those things is deliver big, crushing, clean hits.  Monday night when the Winnipeg Jets faced off against the Edmonton Oilers Byfuglien did just that and Edmonton's Luke Gadzic was the unlucky victim.  As Gadzic received the puck along the boards Byfuglien came on him and leveled him with a clean, shoulder to shoulder hit that sent Gadzic flying.

Gadzic stayed down after that hard hit as unfortunately the way his body went down saw his face connect with the boards.  Gadzic suffered a large gash on his chin as a result of the fall.  Another talent Byfuglien displayed during the game was his ability to be quick with a joke.  Later in the game Edmonton's Ryan Hamilton tried to get some revenge on Byfuglien with a hit of his own, but the attempt failed miserably and Byfuglien made sure to let him know it.

The Jets (30-19-10) defeated the Oilers (16-32-10) in a shoot out, 5-4.