Crosby penalty overturned, refs wanted to 'get the call right'

During the Pittsburg Penguins' (32-15-9) 2-1 shootout loss to the Chicago Blackhawks (35-18-4), Sidney Crosby was called for tripping Chicago's Johnny Oduya, and then he wasn't.  After the ref whistled Crosby for the penalty he was visibly unhappy, barking at the official about the call.  Crosby was sent to the box, however then the refs gathered to discuss the penalty and eventually decided to overturn the call, waving off the penalty.

Now it is very easy to say if this had been another player and not Crosby then the refs wouldn't have even given it a second thought.  However it should be noted that earlier in the season a similar call overturn happened when Kings forward Jarrett Stoll was called for tripping the Penguins' Brandon Sutter only for it to be overturned by the officials.

You could also say that if this hadn't been Crosby no one would have made a big deal about the call being overturned.  The real question is about the precedent that could emrge from this.  Could more calls be overturned like this and does it possibly signal the coming of more replay review or possible coaches challenges?  What do you think? Is overturning calls like this good for the NHL?

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