Dan Carcillo injures Mathieu Perreault with late cross-check

There are some players you love.  There are some players that are so good for other teams that you hate them.  Then there are some players that you just flat out hate. Dan Carcillo is one of those players that many fans just hate, especially if you live in Manitoba and cheer for the Jets.

Friday night the Blackhawks' Dan Carcillo hit the Jets' Mathieu Perreault with a crushing and late cross-check that sent him out of the game and might have broken his arm. Perreault had been called for knocking Chicago's Duncan Keith's stick out of his hands. As play stopped after the whistle, Perreault is standing along the boards with his back turned to the on coming Carcillo and Carcillo cross-checks Perreault in the arm; a late and needless move by Carcillo.

Perreault fell to the ice in pain as a scrum started around him.  Perreault would skate off the ice under his own power while holding his arm.  Carcillo was given a two-minute minor for the cross-check.  If you are squemish this video isn't for you.



The Jets (24-14-8) would beat the Blackhawks (28-14-2), 4-2.