Flyers owner Ed Snider says '[Bleep] that' to being patient for a winner

If you are current Flyers coach Craig Berube and you hear Flyers owner Ed Snider say he thinks being patient for a winner is ridiculous, then you may want to start looking for your next job.  Flyers owner Ed Snider had a good bit to say on the subject of his willingness to be patient for a winner in Philadelphia again.

From the Philadelphia Daily News:

"You don't say when you've got Giroux, and you've got Voracek, and you've got Mason and you've got the kind of pieces like Simmons that we have, that, 'Hey, you've got to be patient, we might make the playoffs in 2 or 3 years,' " he said. "[Bleep] that."

"We've got to make sure our message gets through properly. Patience is great with the kids. But patience isn't great with the team we have on the ice."

Did you hear that Philadelphia? Bleep That.  Isn't it great when an owner epitomizes his fans so well? Snider continued:

"I mean, for us to give up now and say we're not a playoff team and we've got to be patient and all that kind of thing, sends the wrong message, I think, to the guys who are here, to our fans, to everybody."

Snider has been with the Flyers since the beginning and he knows better than anyone else that it's been 40 years since the last Stanley Cup in Philly.  Unfortunately for Snider his opinions are only half true.  The Flyers do have a great core and some real talent, but their defense needs work if they are going to be a Stanley Cup team.  Rebuilding that defense is going to take some time considering Philly's consistent bungling of the salary-cap.  GM Ron Hextall is going to need a little time and he should get it, Craig Berube on the other hand should be prepared to be done in Philadelphia.