Minnesota All-Hockey Hair Team is as good as it sounds

The Minnesota state high school hockey championship tournament is as big a deal in Minnesota as just about anything else.  As hockey fans go those in Minnesota are up there with any other part of the world, so they naturally make a huge deal out of their state high school championship tournament.  The Tournament is never complete however without the Minnesota All-Hockey Hair team and yes this is just as spectacular as it sounds.

This video is great for all the right reasons.  High school kids who look like they walked out of a time machine, sporting classic mullets and majestic facial hair in low quality video that will make you swear you are watching one of your dad's home movies on VHS.

The best part though has to be the on point, droll commentary.  The one liners are spectacular.  A few of our favorites:

"They should let him play in a leather vest because he's the leader of these sons of anarchy."

"If that's a salad, it's a chop, because a MAN ordered it."

"The tournament had some negatives. We had a military academy. We'll just fast-forward past that."

"I hope this kid ends up on ELLEN. He's that good."

You might think that this guy wins it all, but you'll have to watch the video to see the stunning conclusion


This year the annual tradition also served a good cause, as when it hits 100,000 views, new sponsor Warrior is going to give $15,000 to the Hendrickson Foundation for sled hockey programs.